About Noelle


Noelle Giddings, creator, painter and illustrator, creates set-specific, original though highly evocative, ‘cleared’ art for television and film. She has enjoyed a long relationship with CBS, creating most of the art needed for standing sets as well as an episode-by-episode basis for shows such asThe Good Wife, Braindead, Instinct, Main  Justice, and The Good Fight. Other networks include FX  and the upcoming Y The Last Man, and the film Danielle Isn’t Real.

Formally trained at The Parsons School of Design (holding an MFA), Noelle combines sophisticated technique and craft with a broad visual literacy and vocabulary. This unusual versatility enables her to infuse each piece with the aesthetic sensibility of any period, movement, or school--from the Old Masters to Contemporary Art.

Additionally, Noelle, one of the early (and few) female comic book artists, has over twenty years experience working for Dark Horse, Marvel, and mostly DC Comics (pencils, inks, color, and covers) with hundreds of credits--among them: Batman, Superman, Aquaman, etc. A particularly proud part of her comic book history was helping to start Milestone Media, a lone company dedicated to producing multicultural comics, where as Color Editor she designed and colored the universe known as Dakota.

Noelle is also an accomplished animator having worked on the Nickelodeon series, Doug, as well as the Disney movie, Anna Karenina.

Noelle has taught art at The Cooper Hewitt International Design Museum as well as at The Children’s Museum of the East End.

Noelle’s actively works on projects ranging from Wake Board Design to Wine Labels, and has commissioned artwork in many private collections. She has had paintings shown in the juried art show, Woman Painting Woman (2014 and 2017) at the RJD Gallery in Bridgehamtpon NY, near where she currently, and happily, resides.